1How Ms.Slim can help me control my weight?
An article in Washington Post dated Mar.25, 2015 briefly explain the mechanism that Ms.Slim can be cut off 50% calories:
‘Not all starches, as it happens, are created equal. Some, known as digestible starches, take only a little time to digest, are quickly turned into glucose, and then later glycogen. Excess glycogen ends up adding to the size of our guts if we don't expend enough energy to burn it off. Other starches, meanwhile, called resistant starches, take a long time for the body to process, aren't converted into glucose or glycogen because we lack the ability to digest them, and add up to fewer calories’.
For more detail, you can log on the whole story at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/03/25/scientists-have-figured-out-a-simple-way-to-cook-rice-that-dramatically-cuts-the-calories/
2Does Ms.Slim use any food additive to reduce its calories?
Absolutely not! All ingredients used are natural.
3What kind of rice does Ms.Slim made from?
The purple rice, once known as Emperor Rice since it was once rarely found, and its extraordinary nutritional value.
4Is Ms.Slim healthy for diabetic?
The purple rice, which Ms.Slim made from has GI (Glycemic Index)= 42.3, the lowest among all kinds of rices. Therefore, Ms.Slim is very suitable to diabetic.
5Is Ms.Slim tasty?
Ms.Slim is softer than normal brown rice, and a bit harder than white rice. We strongly believe that, thank to 4 years of R&D, we have found the best recipe and taste of Ms.Slim to those who do not like brown rice for its hardness.
6How to cook Ms.Slim?
Ms.Slim is frozen cooked rice, with 2 years shelf- life (according to FDA- USA). Each portion wrapped individually. Please store it in freeze right after buying. Ms.Slim can be heated by microwave oven for 3-5 minutes (depends on oven power), or steaming for 10-15 minutes.
7Is Ms.Slim vegetarian?
Yes, it is. Ms. Slim can be used for vegetarian.