Ms. Slim- 3 countries, 4 years, and 50% of calories cut in rice.

Back to March 2015, at the annual meeting of the ACS (American Chemical Society) - the world's largest association of scientists, the report 'How to cut calories by 50% in cooked rice' by Professor Thavarajah et al. from the College of Chemical Sciences (Colombo, Sri Lanka) draw an extraordinary attention from the scientific community. Most of newspapers of USA, UK, Australia such as Washington Post, Time, Independent, CBS, Business Insider etc. released this hot news excitedly. The concerned people believe that this study showed a great solution to cope with obesity and diabetes in countries, where white rice used as the main staple.

At the same time, Dr. Sonia S, nutritionist at Universitas University (Jakarta, Indonesia), also published her research, also with the topic 'How to reduce starch in cook rice' (

Since 2016, Dr. Hiroki Kotabe (*) and his Vietnamese team have approached and received know-how from both Sri Lanka and Indonesia research groups. After 4 years of R&D to adjust the cooked rice to the taste of Vietnamese people, the Ms.Slim rice has been done.

With 100% traditional and natural ingredients and processing time lasts for 36 hours, Ms. Slim keep its tasty, but has converted most of the starch into resistant starch. As a result, Ms. Slim cut off about 50% starches - the culprit causing obesity, as well as hyperglycemia.

Ms. Slim uses purple rice, which was bred by Dr. Ho Quang Cua - the father of the 'World's Best' rice voted in 2019. In particular, the glycemic index (GI) 42.3 is significantly lower than the white rice (with GI = 69 ~ 77) or brown rice (GI = 50).

By using a portion of Ms.Slim instead of a bowl of white rice, you cut off about 110 kcal in your meal intake, that is equal to the calories burned for 10-15 minutes jogging.

With superior properties, Ms.Slim is a good choice for those who wish to control weight and diabetic.

Ms.Slim brand has been registered in the US and Vietnam.

(*) Hiroki Kotabe: là người Mỹ gốc Nhật, ông đã có bằng sau tiến sỹ khoa học (postdoctoral) Đại học Chicago (nơi giáo sư Ngô Bảo Châu đang giảng dạy), bằng Tiến sỹ tại Đại học Columbia. Sau thời gian giảng dạy tại Đại học Seoul (Hàn Quốc), ông đã dành hon 5 năm tại Ấn Độ, Nepal, Thailand để nghiên cứu Phật giáo, và là trưởng nhóm nghiên cứu dự án Cơm ăn kiêng Ms. Slim, với mục tiêu mang lại cuộc sống lành mạnh hơn, gần gũi thiên nhiên trong cuộc sống công nghiệp.