Know-how and Passion

MsSlim looked simple, which is just a purple rice bun packed in a wrapping paper. But behind that, it is a combination of huge efforts and passions from international team in 3 years in finding the best recipe and cooking method, with the aim to serve community with a healthy, innovative, convenient product.

Natural Value

Brown rice is well-known as a healthy food, and is advived by nutritionist. However, purple rice which is used for Ms.Slim, is exeeded in almost criteria expected by weight loss and diabetic people:

Table of nutritional value

Nutrition Purple Rice Brown Rice
GI (Glycemic Index) 42.3 50
Calories 356 357
Protein (g) 8.9 7.1
Carbohydrate (g) 75.6 76.2
Fiber (g) 2.2 2.4


Usage Direction

Always keep rice bun in a sealed package while heating up
- Microwave oven: 3-5 minute
- Steaming: 10-15 minutes
- Electric cooker: at the same time, you can steam up your MsSlim while cook white rice for the whole family. Wait until the white rice get boiled, place a Ms.Slim rice bun on the top.

Packing and Store

Packed 6 rice bun (135 g/each) in a pack. Frozen by IQF (Individual Qick Freeze) in ISO22000 certified production.
Store in a freeze at temperature of -16°C or below. No need to defrost before heating up.

Expried date

12 months from manufactured date


Purple Rice (48%), mixed beans (8%), mushroom extract (3%), water (44%)

Other information

MsSlim trademark has been registered in Vietnam and The US.